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Sreeshailam vaidya Nilayam

Ayurveda-Science Of Life gives us the principles for a healthy life and the miracle of healing provided by Ayurveda is natural.

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Holistic Approach

Expert Physicians in our centre will guide you how to heal your body and mind to stay healthy, by advising appropriate herbs, diet and lifestyle.

Detox via Panchakarma

The purificatory therapies popularly known as Panchakarma is performed by skilled therapists under the supervision of Ayurveda doctors.

Online Follow-up

Even after the therapies and consultation you can approach us through Audio-Video calls and we deliver medicines to your doorstep.

A few words about us

If you’re interested in exploring Ayurveda, or if you think that Ayurveda is the right answer for your ailment or well-being. You have reached the right place! The hospital is being run by Doctor Sumesh Mani and his wife, Dr. Nayana P.A.